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Womens day 2020

How to Celebrate Women’s Day 2020 in Dubai?

Let’s be honest, girls are literally the best! A girl gang is a relentless group that no one dares to mess with at all. These girls exude confidence and believe in lifting each other up. What better day to celebrate with your girls than International Women’s Day 2020 in Dubai! Each day is Women’s day […]

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Holi celebrations in Dubai

Where to celebrate Holi Festival in Dubai 2020?

Holi signifies the victory of good over evil and is the end of winter. It is also called the ‘festival of colors’, the festival is filled with music, colors, and dance. Holi is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in Dubai with lots of events being organized throughout the city. Are you looking for the […]

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Dubai in March 2020

Dubai In March: A Comprehensive Guide 2020

Well, if you can dream about it, you can definitely turn it into reality, even if these dreams seem absolutely absurd. Dubai is the city that validates this totally. The city is always working on something monumental that takes the world by storm. And all these unrealistic feats are always successful and now the word […]

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Xline Dubai Marina

Xline Dubai Marina-The World’s Longest Urban Zipline!

Dubai believes in satiating the needs of every kind of traveler. If you think that Dubai is just towering buildings, theme parks, and water parks, you’re mistaken! If you love adventure and you want something that makes adrenaline course through your veins, then you will be glad that you are in Dubai as it is […]

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DFF 2020

Dubai Food Festival 2020: What are the top things to do?

Have you already made plans for February and March? Is a trip to Dubai on the cards? If not, it definitely should be. If you are wondering why we will tell you. The biggest culinary extravaganza the Dubai Food Festival 2020 is on! If you love all things food, this event is a must-attend for […]

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Red Couple Valentine's Day Card (1)

Top Romantic Things To Do On Valentine’s Day 2020 in Dubai!

From breathtaking sunsets to splendid attractions, glorious tours and more, Dubai is a favorite among couples who want a romantic retreat. It is also the place to be on Valentine’s Day in Dubai 2020. The enchanting city is filled with thousands of possibilities that you can explore with your partner. Take your partner to Dubai […]

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Best things to do in Dubai (3)

Dubai in February: A Comprehensive Guide

February is one of the coldest months in some parts of the world but in Dubai, this month means extremely pleasing weather conditions. No shivering, no slipping on the snow, no spending the day at home, instead you can go out and see the best places and things to do in Dubai in February 2020, […]

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la perle

La Perle By Dragone: An Unforgettable Experience

Sparkling acrobats rising from the smoke, death-defying stunts, stunning singers, spectacular lighting and fabulous storytelling that will leave you wanting more. You can see all this and more at the La Perle Theatre Show in Dubai.   Brought to Dubai by the Al Habtoor Group, La Perle is brought to life by the critically acclaimed director […]

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Dubai City Tour

Dubai City Tour- Witness the top places to visit in Dubai 2020!

Dubai has become a favorite among tourists traveling to the Middle East. Not only does this beautiful city have record-breaking architecture, but it also has an affinity towards all the good things in the world. Starting from the architecture to everyday life, Dubai sets new bars of brilliance for the world. If you are in […]

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dubai for free

11 Places to Visit in Dubai for Free!

Dubai has earned a reputation for being one of the most luxurious tourist destinations in the world all thanks to the sky-scraping buildings, exotic hotels, and malls. But, if you look hard enough you will realize that there are so many things to do for free in Dubai. With this blog, Tripx Tours explores the […]

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