Planning an International Holiday? Read This

The charm and attraction of visiting an international destination for your holiday is steadily growing among Indians. Earlier considered as an option only for the elite and rich, holidaying abroad today is also becoming very popular among the other segments in society. The latest developments in technology and online accessibility have made it easier for people to plan and prepare for an international holiday.

Dubai Tourist Visa

One can not only select and buy flight tickets or do hotel room bookings but also apply for apply for tourist visa’s online today. Most of the countries in India’s neighbourhood offer visa on arrival facilities for individuals, while for some Middle East countries the visa application process is very simple and fast. The Dubai tourist visa for example takes just 5 working days to process if all your documents are in order.

Like every domestic holiday, an international holiday too needs a lot of planning and research to ensure that you face no problems during your visit and make the most of the limited time you are there. There are many countries that you can visit on a budget if you plan your trip well in advance and properly, just make sure, you keep the following points in mind when you plan your holiday.

Book well in Advance

Passport for USA

Most airlines companies offer discounted rates if the tickets or bookings are done at least 3 months in advance, as this helps them generate funds well in advance and also helps them plan their ticket sales. Keep a watch out for Airline anniversaries or Seasonal sales to get your airlines tickets at a hugely discounted price, making your international holiday more affordable. Hotel chains too have seasonal and special discounts with most of them offering free stays or meals if you book for a certain number of days. Check out the hotels which offer free breakfasts, wi-fi and complimentary airport pickup and drop services as these would normally cost you quite a bit in an international destination.

Check for child friendly destinations

Laguna waterpark

While most international destinations have facilities for kids, do check out if there is any special attraction that will keep your little one entertained and occupied. The attention span of kids is short and they get bored easily, so it definitely needs to be something he can relate too like Disneyland in Hong Kong or Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. Water parks are another favourite spots for kids and almost every city has one, so do plan a visit to the local water park.

Know Local Customs & Traditions

Its very important to know and respect local customs and traditions of the destination you are visiting to have a pleasant experience or you may end up offending the host or worse face prosecution. In most of the countries in the Middle East its forbidden to eat or drink in the open during the month of Ramzan and doing so, could result in you landing up in jail.

Have an itinerary

The most important rule when you are on a holiday. Having an itinerary helps you plan the destinations and spots you want to cover and make sure you do not miss during your journey. You can even use mobile apps to plan your itinerary in a systematic and professional way. An itinerary helps you plan your time effectively and also helps save money, as you can book the tourist attractions you plan to cover well in advance at lower rates as compared to on-the-spot bookings.

If you are looking for an international destination which also has a lot of Indians to make you feel at home then you can visit Dubai. Not only is an holiday in Dubai affordable but the Dubai tourist visa is also fast and easy to get. The writer of this article recommends Tripx Tours to help you with your visas formalities and ensure you have an enjoyable stay.

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