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Why the Sea Plane ride over Dubai is a Must try !

If you are planning a trip to Dubai, you may be wondering about what you’d want to see most and how to get the best possible experiences from all of the Dubai tourist attractions. What could possibly be the best way to explore a city like Dubai, that’s filled with unlimited possibilities?! How about exploring it from high up in the air? Yes, we are talking about the Sea Plane ride, one of the top things to do in Dubai that will let you see every nook and cranny of the city in the comfort of a luxurious Cessna 208 caravan.

Want to add to the excitement? This plane is no ordinary light plane but is a hydroplane that lands and takes off from the water! You can choose from a variety of experiences and destinations and pick the perfect Sea Plane ride you want to venture into. Still not convinced a 100%? Worry not! In this blog, we will equip you with all the necessary information and advantages that you would require to know before you make a decision to go on a Sea Plane Tour over Dubai city.

What makes the Sea Plane ride truly exceptional?

There are a few things in life that leave you speechless, and seeing a city from high above in the air is one of them. Watching the cars speed away like tiny insects, skyscrapers appearing like your child’s play set, and the people seeming non-existent is an experience you cannot fathom. Unlike the view from an airplane, Sea Plane ride will give you a more detailed view where you may even be lucky enough to spot your hotel from up above! Here are a few highlights of the tour to get you motivated!

The majestic aerial view of Burj Khalifa     

Arial view of Burj Khalifa
Arial view of Burj Khalifa

To plan a visit to Dubai without the Burj Khalifa in your itinerary is truly impossible. Every day, thousands of people ride the world’s third fastest lift right up to the top of the majestic tower to see a glimpse of Dubai from the clouds.

How about a better view of the land and Burj Khalifa all at the same time? The Sea Plane ride does exactly that. You can watch the tall tower stand with pride amidst the clouds and see the world beneath, stay minuscule in comparison.

This tapering tower is designed to resist the forces of wind it may encounter with the height difference and the view is simply spectacular from high up above.

Watch the ocean kiss the sands near Burj Al- Arab

Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is an iconic structure of modern Dubai and it stands in pride as an extension of the Jumeirah Beach- a Man-made Island.

The best possible way to get a view of this majestic tower is from the air. Going on a Sea Plane ride, you can see the way the ocean licks the feet of the island and see the ocean of the Gulf in all its beauty.

Going on a Sea Plane ride over the tower also gives you a view of the vast stretch of the Jumeirah coastal line and all the people on it.

 Witness the true beauty of Palm Jumeirah

Atlantis The Plam
Atlantis The Palm

The Palm Jumeirah is a man-made archipelago that spans over the Persian Gulf with a population of over 10000 people. This Grand Island showcases its best view to the viewers from the sky. Taking a Sea Plane ride will ensure that you get the best opportunity to see the Palm Jumeirah and witness its unparalleled view.

See why the World Islands are named so

World Island
World Island

The World Island is a man-made archipelago located on the Persian Gulf. This marvelous creation can be viewed from the sky at the best possible vantage point if you take a ride on the Sea Plane. Built from the sands dredged from the shallow ends of the Dubai coast, the collection of scattered islands together form a representation of the world map. We don’t need to tell you that the best possible point you can view the world islands from would be from a Sea Plane ride! You can take plenty of pictures for memory sakes and have the time of your life, cruising through the sky above the world islands Dubai.

Capture a Bird’s eye view of the Dubai Marina

Possibly one of the most buzzing areas of Dubai city, the Dubai Marina is a collage of development, culture, and color. A lesser known fact about this area is the fact that the waterfront here is a part of the Development plan of the Marina, which involved bringing the waters of the Persian Gulf into this man-made outlet. The Marina waters are surrounded on both sides with some of the most luxurious structures of Dubai.

With an extraordinary viewing point from the Sea Plane, you can see the details in planning and the grand organizational schemes that this area has undergone. You can also get a glimpse of the life at the seaports of Jebel Ali & Port Rashid. Like a view from the Eiffel Tower, where you can see the pristine planning skills of the French, an aerial view of Dubai is all you will require to understand the true beauty of the Dubai skyline. You can book some of the Best Dubai Attraction Deals and enjoy this city.

Additional Experiences you can opt for with the Sea Plane Tours

We hope you have got your mind set on trying out this amazing tour during your trip to Dubai. To add to the excitement, if you want to make most of the Sea Plane experience, you can also convert your 45 min ride to a destination flight! Take a chance and book Dubai attractions such as your Sea Plane Ride to Abu Dhabi from Dubai! With this flight, you don’t just get to enjoy the breath-taking views of Dubai, but you also get to see the aerial views of the Landmarks of Abu-Dhabi such as Louvre & the Ferrari World.

Ferrari World
                                               Ferrari World

Regardless of what flight plan you pick, the Sea Plane ride is simply an experience that shouldn’t be missed while in Dubai! They say you can only truly see a city when you can fly like a bird & that’s exactly what you’ll get to do when you venture on the Sea Plane ride. We hope you have a grand time aboard this hydroplane, create a million memories that will last for life.

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