Full Day City Tour Of Prague With Cruise And Lunch

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Prague 1, Prague

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The Czech Republic uses a 9th-century castle as the official headquarters for its president. The Bohemian Crown Jewels, the pride of Prague, is kept securely inside a restricted part of the castle. Emperors and kings of the Bohemia and the Holy Roman Empire used this castle as a symbol of their power. Today, it is considered to be one of the largest surviving pre-10th-century castles in the world. The Prague Castle alone attracts over 1.8 million visitors on an annual basis.

Mounted on the southern wall of Old Town Hall is a huge astronomical clock that is more than 600-years old. The dial displays various astronomical details taking into account the position of the sun and the moon. Statues of Catholic saints guard the legendary clock.

Old Town, one of the other main attractions, was protected by a moat in the medieval age, but has now been covered up by a street. It was once an extensive marketplace where the richest merchants of the 12th century lived and ran their businesses. The classic houses that line the streets draw you in with their majestic exteriors. The Charles Bridge replaced the old Judith Bridge which was badly damaged in the latter half of the 12th century. It served as the crucial connection between Old Town and Prague Castle across the Vltava River. Gothic and baroque-style statues like the St.Luthgard statuary and John of Nepomuk adorn the bridge.

Your Experience

There are not many cities around the globe that possess the same degree of historical significance as the city of Prague. Your 6-hour guided tour will begin from the legendary astronomical tower in Old Town Square. Gazing at the mechanical apostles parade as the clock strikes the hour (9 AM to 11 PM) is a soothing experience. The calendar and the complex mechanism that sets the twelve apostles marching is an insight into the engineering and scientific know-how of the pioneers of the Renaissance.

Charles Bridge will be your next major stop. Take some time to admire the sculptures and statues that overlook the Vltava River. The guide will give you some interesting information about the bridge and its rich history. After crossing the bridge, you can take a tram to Prague Castle. The Castle District, also known as Hradcany, is the jewel of Prague. Its immense historical value and intriguing culture will absorb you into the heart of the city. Exploring the castle and its grand interiors while you take in the view of Prague is an unforgettable experience.

There’s no better way to top off this incredible tour than a bellyful of food from one of Old Town’s most renowned restaurants that has been around for a century! Finally, a pleasant cruise will mark the end of the tour. Immerse yourself in the stunning views all around you as you float atop the Vltava River in a comfortable cruise boat. You will come across some of the most iconic monuments in Prague during the cruise.

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  • Witness the confluence of medieval and modern Prague.
  • Visit all the major sites in Prague, including the Church of St. Nicholas, Charles Bridge, the Astronomical Clock and much more.
  • Gaze at the sumptuous city from a whole new perspective from atop a boat as you cruise through the center of the city.

Know Before You Go

The tour begins at 9:40 am every day and lasts for approximately six hours.

Moderate Cancellation Policy

You may cancel up to 72 hours in advance for a full refund.

How to Use Your Tickets
You will be sent a confirmation email and mobile voucher shortly. You do not have to print the ticket. At the scheduled date and time of the trip, you will have to meet your guide in front of the Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square. The guide will be holding an open blue and white umbrella. Once you display your voucher to the guide, the tour will commence.

Getting there
Nearest metro station: Staromestska (line A)
Nearest tram station: Staromestska (trams 2,17,18)

The ticket is valid for the scheduled date and time only.

  • Tram ticket
  • A meal with one drink
  • Ticket for a boat cruise
  • Ticket to Charles Bridge Museum and Gothic basement of Church of Red Cross
  • A personal guide throughout the trip to cater to your needs

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