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UAE & International Visa

Visa – the crucial travel document. We at Trip X Tours are well versed with the process and formalities. Be it a short term, long term, tourist or multiple entry visas, our representatives are ever ready to ease the process and guide the prospective travellers through the various procedures and paperwork. For some destinations, like UAE, it only takes a couple of days!

Processing Visa here at TripX Tours is very fast and convenient! Before you can enter a country, you need to have your visa process. Could it be a transit, tourist for short and long term visa or an international tour packages from Dubai, rest assured you will get your visa done after 48 hours. Our highly trained and professional visa consultants are hands on in assisting at every step to each client to take you to your dream destination without any hassle.

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In Bound & Out Bound Packages

Where to go? What to see? How to get there? What to buy? At Trip X we want our travellers to gain exactly what they seek from a vacation : be it a sightseeing-shopping- Dubai shopping festival packages -activity packed days or relaxingrejuvenating-laid back days. We have all the information you need to make the most of your holidays. You can explore your dream through our best and worth packages.

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Cruise Packages

There‘s something to be said of a voyage! The romance of the seas and the calm blue ocean is a serene and soothing way to travel. Enjoy gourmet cuisine, make new friends and take in the sights at the ports of call.

Feel Tripx Tours unique deep blue seas cruising. Enjoy total luxury while in a unique voyages with world-class gourmet cuisine and great experience. You deserve to have a perfect, fantastic safe cruise trip that we can guarantee! Your route is our route!

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Hotel & Resort Booking

We take pride in offering a real booking functionality that caters to meet your accomodation needs. There are resorts where tourists can experience unmatched peace and tranquillity. Whatever be the choice, it will definitely be an unforgettable booking experience as a tourist or business traveller.

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Adventure Packages

Each of us seeks something unique from our time away. Some travel for adventure, thirst for the thrill and challenge. Whether you wish to travel alone, with family, friends or colleagues, we have an appropriate group for you to join - a holiday of a lifetime and memories to treasure forever.

To please these passionate adventure/thrill seekers, Trip X has tied up with the best in the business. With years of experience, these adventure travel companies know what they are doing and how to do it well. Get ready for an unforgettable experience with Trip X adventure packages.

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Local Transportation

Prefer to drive wherever you go? Like having a local driver at your beck and call? Whatever your preference, Trip X tours can arrange it for you. We can hire cabs, taxis, or make available caravans at your disposal. We make you comfort and calm with the awesome Quality assurance.

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